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Five Healthtech Predictions to Expect Next

Humanizing AI in healthtech will redefine what care delivery and patient-physician engagement look like.

Google Health Head, David Feinberg, MD, Predicts Search Engines Will Transform Care

Why surgeons turn to the Internet before operating on someone.

Thrive Global interviews Oliver Wyman on creating meaningful partnerships, combating mental health's stigma, and how to stress less at work.

Global Leader, Health and Life Sciences, Oliver Wyman

Oliver Wyman's 2018 Consumer Survey explores healthcare's supply and demand disconnect.

Director, Marsh & McLennan Advantage, Healthcare
Global Leader, Health and Life Sciences, Oliver Wyman
Partner, Health and Life Sciences, Oliver Wyman
Partner, Health & Life Sciences, Oliver Wyman
Former Partner, Health & Life Sciences, Oliver Wyman

Live from OWHIC's Thrive Global Insights Lounge

Thrive Global interviews Optum's strategy leader about making sense of healthcare's chaos and how to get enough sleep anyway.

CEO, SecureSeniorConnections™

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In this video, Terry Stone discusses where disruptive innovation is likely to come from and why.

Managing Partner, Americas, Oliver Wyman

Oliver Wyman talks tackling medical waste at this year's StartUp Health Festival.

Partner, Health Services, Oliver Wyman

Many communities depend on hospitals for jobs and economic stability. Is our hospital “dependency” holding back health transformation? In this video, Sam Glick explores how we might rethink our healthcare workforce.

What will Health Market 2.0 look like? How will it be organized? Tom Main describes five emerging ecosystems. Watch the video.

Founder, Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Center