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Remote care options are key during a disease outbreak. Here's how telehealth is removing the physical barriers between patients and clinicians.

Chief Marketing Officer, American Well

Here’s how organizations like Zipongo, ProMedica, and Walmart are strategizing around the food as medicine movement.

Partner, Health and Life Sciences, Oliver Wyman
Vice President, Health Transformation, Walmart
President & CEO, ProMedica
Founder and CEO

Sports fans will paint their faces in the colors of their team mascot. But healthcare consumers don't have the same loyalty.

CEO, Kraft Analytics Group
CEO & Founder, NextHealth Technologies

Oliver Wyman's 2018 Consumer Survey explores healthcare's supply and demand disconnect.

Director, Marsh & McLennan Advantage, Healthcare
Partner, Health and Life Sciences, Oliver Wyman
Partner, Health and Life Sciences, Oliver Wyman
Partner, Health & Life Sciences, Oliver Wyman
Former Partner, Health & Life Sciences, Oliver Wyman

Healthcare consumers are living longer, amidst an age where innovations are flourishing. Can the market respond accordingly?


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First-of-its-kind survey sheds light on consumers’ healthcare attitudes and finds key differences between segments. Watch the video to learn more.

Leaders of Presence Health, Independence Health Group, and Livongo discuss adopting new business models and delighting the consumer in today's transforming market.

President & CEO, Presence Health
President & CEO, Independence Health Group
Founder and Executive Chairman, Livongo

Many communities depend on hospitals for jobs and economic stability. Is our hospital “dependency” holding back health transformation? In this video, Sam Glick explores how we might rethink our healthcare workforce.

What will Health Market 2.0 look like? How will it be organized? Tom Main describes five emerging ecosystems. Watch the video.

Founder, Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Center

To build loyalty, companies need a new mindset, one that focuses as much on the emotional as the functional needs of customers.

Chief Client and Strategy Officer, Lippincott
Senior Associate, Lippincott

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