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Annie Lamont leads one of the nation’s most successful healthcare VC funds. Before she makes an investment, she wants to be sure the leadership team commits to the mission of improving health and healthcare.

Global Leader, Health and Life Sciences, Oliver Wyman
Co-founder and Managing Partner, Oak HC/FT

A Look at What's Inside Oliver Wyman's Health Innovation Journal Vol. 5

Oliver Wyman’s Health Innovation Journal Volume 5 analyzes a number of the biggest trends impacting the industry’s transformation.

Former Virgin Galactic CEO and NASA Chief of Staff George Whitesides knows what it means to take risks and drive change in a complex industry.

Former CEO, Virgin Galactic and Chief of Staff, NASA
Global Leader, Health and Life Sciences, Oliver Wyman

During the Health Innovation Summit Closing Capstone, speakers from Intermountain, Northwestern, and Oak HC/FT talked about the need for leaders to take risks and be willing to learn from missteps.

Five tech-driven companies share how to create a more consumer-centric model

Innovative technologies aim to upend the status quo by giving consumers more control over their care journey.

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Incremental change can no longer be the norm in the industry, confirmed speakers at the 2021 Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Summit.

Supporting leaders in pursuit of health transformation, Oliver Wyman joined forces with venture capitalist firms on a new mentorship program.

Five Healthtech Predictions to Expect Next

Humanizing AI in healthtech will redefine what care delivery and patient-physician engagement look like.

Why Biology Is No Longer Destiny (Or Maybe It Never Was)

Innovations like CRISPR that once seemed more like science fiction are becoming reality. And the business of care delivery is shifting as a result.

Livongo and Singularity University Predict What May Scale Next

Technology presents an opportunity to redefine a care delivery model that's more continuous, more personalized, and more human.

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