The industry’s response to recent ransomware attacks could signal the need to shift how healthcare organizations approach information security.

Vice President, BitSight Technologies

If people listen to healthcare companies like they do online retailers, up to $530B in annual health spending could be cut. Here's how.

To what extent could intelligent analytic tools impact healthcare providers in the future?

Engagement Manager, Oliver Wyman

A healthcare model is emerging where ‘new front doors’ are available for unique population and consumer segments.

Partner, Health & Life Sciences, Oliver Wyman
Principal, Oliver Wyman

Since 2012, MobCon has brought together top industry influencers to showcase how mobile innovations and strategies can transform business. Today, its MobCon Digital Health conference in Minneapolis is zeroing in on how advances in technology are moving healthcare forward. Terry Stone, Oliver Wyman’s managing partner for Health & Life Sciences, will be leading a breakout session on the Patient-to-Consumer Revolution.

Managing Partner, Health & Life Sciences, and Global Chair for I&D, Oliver Wyman

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