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In this episode of the Oliver Wyman Health Podcast, we share what it's like to be the only female leader in the room, and discuss how digital innovation is advancing social determinants of health.

Professor of Medicine and Population Health, The University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School
Managing Partner, Health & Life Sciences, Oliver Wyman

In this episode of the Oliver Wyman Health Podcast, Aneesh Chopra predicts the future of hospitals' Apple Health integration and shares his views on digital communication.

President, CareJourney
Partner, Health & Life Sciences, Oliver Wyman

The framework needed to implement cost savings through automation .

Vice President, Strategy, Exela Technologies

Natural language processing is the perfect example of how AI can maximize people's talents, impact, and value. But its potential is just being realized.

Vice President of Technology, Optum

Dr. Marty Makary summarizes four key takeaways following his Alliance of Community Health Plans keynote address on unnecessary care delivery.

Professor of Surgery and Health Policy, Johns Hopkins Medicine
Chief Medical Officer and Director, Clinical Innovation, Alliance of Community Health Plans

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Voice recognition devices like Amazon's Alexa, who already knows so much about our daily lives, may bridge precision medicine's past and future.

Program Director, Masters of Science in Management of Health Informatics & Analytics, The George Washington University

An exploration of technology-driven palliative care solutions and what's being done to ensure patients die on their own terms.

Chief Executive Officer, Acclivity Health Solutions
Product Leader & Architect - Machine and Deep Learning, Acclivity Health Solutions

Healthcare loyalty programs have a lot to learn from the airline industry on how to manage consumer engagement and brand loyalty.

Partner, Health & Life Sciences, Oliver Wyman
President, American Airlines AAdvantage Program
Chief Executive Officer, Health Evolution

A look inside our policy brief urging legislators to consider the impact of health reform on US employers and the 177 million people who receive health coverage from them.