How a Chicago hub for healthcare innovation is evolving amidst an industry of fierce technological disruption.


Insights from the Summit’s Executive Sessions where speakers dove deep into topics like consumerism, pharma, the future of trading flow, and artificial intelligence.

Industry movers and shakers shared their perspectives on healthcare’s disruption, interruption, and innovation at this year’s Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Summit.

How Castlight is pushing the evolution of health benefit solutions.

CEO, Castlight
President, Castlight

How Motive Medical Intelligence is using data insights to provide actionable intelligence for better healthcare delivery.

CEO, Motive Medical Intelligence

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How American Well is navigating today’s complex market to improve the way consumers access and experience quality healthcare.

CEO, American Well

How healthcare companies can integrate high-tech and high-touch to finally crack the consumer engagement code.

CEO, Accolade

How digital technology can transform the way we engage and treat those living with chronic diseases.

Co-founder & CEO, Omada Health
Social Media Manager, GuideWell