Human-robot interaction developed at the MIT Media Lab helps patients manage chronic conditions.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Catalia Health
Partner, Health & Life Sciences, Oliver Wyman

It’s not yet known how blockchain will affect the health market. But is healthcare’s blockchain hype justified or just to be set aside?

Co-Founder and CTO, PokitDok

The future of medicine is bright, as opportunities from companies like Apple may soon overhaul the industry. But is true patient empowerment a realistic expectation?

President, CareJourney
President, Commonwealth Fund

Patient voices, not just EHRs alone, provide valuable health information. Patients benefit when providers tune into people first, and technology second.

Director, Arnhold Institute & Chair, Department of Health System Design & Global Health, Mount Sinai Health System
CFO, Mount Sinai Health System

How Southwest Airlines and other organizations outside healthcare are helping shape the physician of the future.

President and CEO, Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health

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Biden told hundreds of StartUp Health attendees how his son's battle with brain cancer brought to light today's "antiquated" care delivery model. Here's Biden's vision for the future.

Chief Medical Officer, StartUp Health

Being really good at predicting (and preventing) someone's death saves lives. Here's how AI will help healthcare professionals achieve extraordinary results with ordinary effort.

Founder and CEO, Skymind

How genetics can help cut treatment costs by getting prevention services to consumers most at risk.

Chief Operating Officer, Color Genomics, Inc

How Motive Medical Intelligence is using data insights to provide actionable intelligence for better healthcare delivery.

CEO, Motive Medical Intelligence

What the rise of an information-based economy means for the physical, social and economic development of cities.

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