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Engage Consumers

In the new healthcare market, no one benefits unless the consumer does

Four ways to reinvent your organization's "business as usual" approach in a competitive market.

Chief Growth Officer, Wellframe
Engage Consumers September 05, 2019

Let the Data Flow

We're at the tipping point of consumer data transformation. We just have to want to share this data, not hold onto it for ourselves.

VP of Products, HeathSparq

1 in 3 patients aged 100+ uses Privia Health's online portal. More on these unique findings, and an in-depth industry outlook.

CEO, Privia Health
Partner, Health & Life Sciences, Oliver Wyman

Despite HHS movement mandating that hospitals estimate patients' bills early on, the thing is, healthcare's already pretty shoppable.

Partner, Health & Life Sciences, Oliver Wyman
Principal, Oliver Wyman

An inside look at how Fitbit's 25 million active devices improve health and wellness across the population health spectrum.

Chief Operating Officer, Fitbit Health Solutions

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New competitors in healthcare are multiplying and scaling. But what will it take to win?

Director of Innovation, Atrium Health

What the future may hold for four big company names looking to become big names in healthcare.

Partner, Health & Life Sciences, Oliver Wyman

How did ChenMed go from a single physician practice to 60 clinics in 8 states, all while treating a small population segment?

President of New Markets and Chief Growth Officer, ChenMed
Partner, Health & Life Sciences, Oliver Wyman

There's big buzz around consumer behavior driving outcomes. But clinical data doesn't yet align with behavioral data.

Principal, Health & Life Sciences, Oliver Wyman

Healthcare companies should look to rebuild trust by doubling down on employee communications and fostering engagements that are driven by employees themselves.

Global Chair, Health, Edelman

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