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Transform Care Podcast June 02, 2021

Dr. Sachin Jain’s Most Effective Leadership Strategies

President and CEO of SCAN Group and Health Plan
Partner, Health and Life Sciences, Oliver Wyman

Unleashing latent innovation comes down to commonsense. But not just any commonsense. Radical commonsense. 

So says Sachin Jain, MD, MBA, President & Chief Executive Officer of SCAN Group and Health Plan, who joins the Oliver Wyman Health Podcast to talk about virtual care, health equity, what consumers want, and SCAN’s work to address homelessness as a healthcare problem. In this show, Sachin and host Tom Robinson, a Health and Life Sciences partner at Oliver Wyman, talk about how leaders can align their management styles with those of the people they work with.

Sachin advises healthcare leaders to make their organizations unnecessary by improving the health of the communities they serve. The future of healthcare, he says, is already here. But it’s unevenly distributed.

Listen to the Podcast:

Memorable Moments from This Episode

  • “When it comes to content generalists, you can learn 70 percent of a field in a few months. The extra 30 percent is what makes someone a specialist or an expert. The question is, how do you empower a generalist workforce to take care of most general problems?”
  • “What if a medical group were truly at risk for the total cost of care? Could you actually build a better mousetrap for serving people experiencing homelessness?”
  • “We have to stop doing big surgeries on people over the age of 80 where we know that they're not going to have great outcomes. But right now, the system just does this reflexively over and over again.”
  • “In cancer care, we take people who have Stage 4 cancers with horrible prognoses, and we run them to the chemotherapy infusion center to get them chemotherapy instead of pausing and having the conversation with them – and asking, ‘What’s most important to you?’”

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