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Drive Innovation May 26, 2021

CEO Insights: Motive's CEO on Digital Health's Opportunities

Talking Future Truths in Under Ten Minutes

Imagine a world where a doctor doesn't act as a data collector. Instead, a doctor serves as a patient's guide, mentor, and coach.

In a recent interview, Oliver Wyman Principal, Lucy Liu, sat down with Motive Practicing Wisely Solution's Chief Executive Officer, Jeanne Cohen, to get her take on Oliver Wyman's Future Truths for the healthcare industry. Jeanne shares her outlook on what's next for patient care and how data and digital health are shifting the healthcare workforce, particularly in the physician clinical care realm. Digital health and virtual health, she says, are often used interchangeably, although they should perhaps be considered as separate ideas.

Below, Jeanne explores what the physician of the future will look like and the role technology has in building long-lasting physician-patient rapport. Although there's long been a focus on curating and collecting data, more work must be done to connect the dots between information and decisions. Data, she says, is only meaningful when actionable insights can be developed from it.

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Jeanne Cohen

Jeanne Cohen

Jeanne Cohen

Jeanne Cohen

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