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Transform Care Podcast August 30, 2017

Summer Reading Vol. 2: Insights From Our Contributors

As you take time to relax over the holiday, catch up on some of our most popular contributor content on Oliver Wyman Health. In this curated list, find a refresher on everything from value-based healthcare to payer-provider partnerships to the digital revolution.

Aetna’s Brigitte Nettesheim Talks Payer-Provider Partnerships

What makes today's joint ventures different from partnerships of old, how to structure "win-win" ventures, and more. A conversation with Brigitte Nettesheim, who oversees Aetna's strategy for payer-provider partnerships.

Video: GuideWell and Alignment Healthcare on Partnering For Pop Health Success

The leaders of GuideWell, parent of Florida Blue, and Alignment Healthcare discuss their “disruptive” population health collaboration.

Five Principles for Creating Patient-Centric Healthcare Measurement

Many healthcare organizations are unsure about how to align their measurement efforts with patients’ priorities. Here's how.

Change in Practice: Learning from Accolade

Why a 40-year-old biopsychosocial model (really) might be the key to finally solving the consumer-engagement puzzle.

Liquid Biopsy: Taking Precision Medicine to New Heights 

Learn how liquid biopsy and a med-tech pioneer are challenging the way cancer is traditionally treated.

Humana’s Chris Kay on Blockchain, Healthcare Hacks, and More

Blockchain 101, what the industry can learn from consumers’ health hacks, and the key to successful incumbent-innovator partnerships. 

Direct-to-Consumer Telehealth: The Disruptive Solution to the Behavioral Health Provider Shortage

Why one organization is focused on extending behavioral health services across America.

Four Questions with the CEO: American Well’s Dr. Roy Schoenberg

How American Well is navigating today’s complex market to improve the way consumers access and experience quality healthcare.

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