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Transform Care March 23, 2017

Ready for Change? 4 Questions Need Answering

Senior Vice President, Health Care Value, BCBSM
Partner, Health and Life Sciences, Oliver Wyman
Key Takeaway
This simple 4 question “test” can help #healthcare leaders assess their organizational preparedness via @hhnmag.

Across the provider landscape, organizations are implementing ambitious change agendas; but many are faltering, and a good many never get off the ground. This is not due to lack of sincere commitment at the leadership level. Instead, the difficulties are rooted in organizational roadblocks and the simple fact that the companies are not prepared for the change desired. 

Before starting down the road of a transformation agenda, health leaders should take a step back and perform a thorough change-readiness assessment. Overestimating an organization’s readiness for change and rushing into transformation with a partial plan will doom the effort before it gets started. 

This article, first published in H&HN Daily, provides an easy change-readiness assessment and offers a simple four-question “test” to help leaders assess their organizational preparedness. 

Avoid a transformation epic fail by assessing your organization’s preparedness. Read Ready for Change? 4 Questions Need Answering.

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