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Engage Consumers September 21, 2016

The Consumer Imperative: Transforming Healthcare From the Outside In

Managing Partner, Americas, Oliver Wyman
Key Takeaway
.@TerryStone92 on digging into dialogue with those who have cracked the #consumer code at #OWHIC Summit

The 2016 Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Summit is built around advancing healthcare transformation in an increasingly consumer-centric environment. From business models to market plans, and from strategic alliances to risk-taking, the Summit will explore the many complexities surrounding the consumer imperative – as well as the organizational capabilities required to succeed in the new consumer-driven marketplace. Oliver Wyman's Health & Life Sciences Managing Partner Terry Stone explains below the goals of the fourth annual event:

This week in Chicago, we are thrilled to host hundreds of senior leaders who are pioneering the transformation of the health market at our 2016 Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Summit.

Today, consumers have higher expectations than ever around experience – and in healthcare, unlocking the key to engagement and motivation is what separates best in class from everyone else. That is why we have focused this year’s Summit on The Consumer Imperative: Transforming Healthcare From the Outside In. We compel our attendees – and those in the broader healthcare community – to rethink just how well you know your consumer and to be open to new ideas from the bright stars who are harnessing their understanding of the consumer to drive outsized impact. Additionally, we challenge you to consider how you can design differently to create a magnetism that will keep your consumers engaged.

Our goal is to move beyond discussion to deep understanding to accelerate the trajectory of the shifting marketplace. By digging into dialogue with those who have cracked the code, we can glean insights from those who are converting a fundamental understanding of human behavior to high-impact relationships and sustained value to their businesses. Our carefully curated speakers amplify our purpose-built agenda centered around the growing consumer imperative in healthcare.

We are at an important juncture on our path to health transformation. The fact that “health consumer” is now common parlance shows just how far we have come in the past few years; but the reality is we still have a long way to go. Much of the healthcare experience is still designed and delivered in traditional B2B fashion. To drive behavior change, deliver exceptional experience, and achieve lasting value, we must design with the consumer at the center. With each step on the journey to Health Market 2.0, we must consider The Consumer Imperative.

l hope the 2016 Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Summit serves as a catalyst for the innovation and collaboration required to achieve health transformation – the common aim that drives us forward.

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