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Drive Innovation Video September 15, 2016

Video: Don't Just Digitize, Humanize

Chief Client and Strategy Officer, Lippincott
Senior Associate, Lippincott
Key Takeaway
#Video: Companies’ digital futures will depend on emotional bonds as much as functional superiority. #DigitalIdeas

Emotional connection matters. If people don’t feel connected with your brand and your business, they’ll drop you as quickly as they dropped their travel agent, their local bookstore, or their yellow cab. The good news is that the kind of human connection that drives lasting value is exactly what technology is ideally suited to deliver: listening more, remembering better, knowing more deeply. And toolkits for forging deeper emotional connections are advancing rapidly. In this video interview, chief client and strategy officer John Marshall and senior associate Dan Clay, both of Oliver Wyman’s creative consultancy Lippincott, take a closer look at the growing importance of trust for businesses and ways that technology can help fulfill the fundamental human need to feel understood.

The full article is part of Oliver Wyman’s Ten Digital Ideas, a series that examines ways to harness the power of digital innovations in a range of industries.

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