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Transform Care August 22, 2016

Summer Reading: Your Post-Labor Day Primer on Key Healthcare Shifts

Editor, Oliver Wyman Health
Key Takeaway
Summer Reading: Best of #OWHealth covering #VBH #consumerism #digitalhealth #retailhealth #globalhealth & more

As you pack your beach bag for one last getaway this season, bookmark these popular Oliver Wyman Health posts. You'll head into your post-Labor Day catchups with a refresh of the industry's key shifts - from value-based healthcare to consumerism to the digital revolution - and ideas for how your team should respond:

Infographic: The Forced March to Value-Based Healthcare

Our Chief Medical Officer Dr. Bruce Hamory charts the progress of federal value-based initiatives, pilots, and targets.

Health Information and Vulnerable Populations: Q&A With Dr. Esteban Lopez of BCBS Texas

How Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas is serving vulnerable populations through outreach and a variety of collaborative programs.

The Marketplace Revolution: Why Everything You Think About Healthcare Innovation May Be Wrong

Applying innovations to Health Market 1.0 won’t get us to Health Market 2.0. To achieve 40 percent better value and 100 times better experience, we must embrace bold new business designs where no one wins unless the consumer wins.

Infographic: The Digital Health Revolution in Dollars & Cents

If people listen to healthcare companies like they do online retailers, up to $530B in annual health spending could be cut. Here's how.

Infographic: How Consumers View the New Front Door to Healthcare

A new Oliver Wyman survey shows how a significant portion of current healthcare spend is now poised to flow to alternative sites of care and what this means for all industry segments, from retailers to providers and payers.

Innovation Diffusion: Wellthie CEO on Transforming Retail Health Insurance

Wellthie CEO Sally Poblete on her new platform designed to transform how consumers find, learn about, and use their health insurance.

Sugar, Sex and Fiber: New Approaches to Addressing Global Obesity Crisis

Takeaways from Oliver Wyman's panel on sugar and obesity held during the World Economic Forum annual meeting.

Innovation Diffusion: ConsejoSano Imports ‘Healthy Advice’ to Spanish Speakers in US

Founder & CEO Abner Mason on his current mission to help Spanish speakers improve their overall healthcare experience.

What's Next: Consumerism Exerts Real Pressure on the Market

All hail the consumer in 2016! Consumers will shop with their feet to find quality, value, and a great experience.

Infographic: Risk-Ready Providers Jump Into Government Programs

Access here our full series examining the increasing role providers are playing in government programs and risk management.

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