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Engage Consumers Video August 17, 2016

Video: How Healthcare Companies Are Repurposing the Innovations of Online Retailers

Global Leader, Health and Life Sciences, Oliver Wyman
Key Takeaway
#Video: How #Healthcare Companies Are Repurposing the #Digital Innovations of Online #Retailers #DigitalIdeas

In the past decade, consumers have shifted from worrying about sharing personal financial information when shopping on the internet to embracing online retailers’ recommendations for them. That is because the best online retailers offer customers a curated and highly personalized shopping experience. They empower shoppers with in-depth product information and peer opinions and seem to know what a consumer is looking for before the person asks for it – and sometimes even before she or he knows they want it. Now, healthcare companies are experimenting with digital capabilities to see if they can encourage a similar level of influence in people’s lives. By doing so, they are testing the limits of the potential power of repurposing online retail innovations that consumers have become accustomed to in varied industries and potentially revamping healthcare in the process. In this video interview, San Francisco-based Health & Life Sciences Partner Sam Glick builds on these and other insights shared as part of Oliver Wyman's Digital Ideas series:

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