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Health Reform and Moving Forward

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While the Graham-Cassidy bill wasn’t voted on this week keeping ACA as the law of the land in the near future, changes are coming. CSR uncertainty, questions on the enforcement of mandates, reductions in open enrollment budgets, have all created heartburn for the actuaries pricing 2018. 

One thing that this whole debate has reminded me is that we (all of us in healthcare including politicians) are still failing as we’re not providing the quality care our nation needs at an affordable cost. Many will be tempted to sit on the sidelines until 2019 or whenever the next major legislative attempt occurs, but that’s not our mission or responsibilities as industry leaders.

What do we need to do?  Many of the same things we’ve already started:

Transforming healthcare is a long road, but our efforts that we take each day will be making it a little better.

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