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#OWHIC Attendees Meet Tomorrow’s Digitally-Obsessed Consumer, Dawn

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"What will the Customer of the Future look like? #MeetDawn"

At this year’s Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Summit in Dallas, attendees met many different people along the way. One of these people was Dawn, a fictional Millennial consumer and smartphone-obsessed online shopper from the future, created via a global behavioral customer study and from sister-company and creative consultancy Lippincott. Attendees of this virtual reality exhibit – Meet Dawn: The Customer of the Future – learned more about this ordinary 25-year old woman living in tomorrow’s virtually connected, highly personalized online future – one that will soon become today’s reality, says Lippincott. Attendees walked through a curated exhibit to learn about Dawn and our own feelings about the future healthcare consumer. (The next Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Summit will be November 5-7, 2018 in Dallas, Texas.)

Lippincott introduces Dawn

Interactive exhibit, Meet Dawn: The Customer of the Future, from Lippincott

The Customer of the Future will have a vast amount of information at their fingertips

Attendee walking through the exhibit

Attendees were asked how the personalized data-driven future of healthcare made them feel. Excited or concerned?

Attendees enjoyed a VR session where they could enjoy their hobbies without leaving the room

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