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Podcast: Our Own Consumer Experts Talk Hassles, Delight, and Strategy

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"#Podcast: Explore the barriers and opportunities to becoming the #Amazon of #healthcare."

Healthcare companies have been working on their consumer strategies for a while now. But there is still no Amazon or Nordstrom or Southwest of healthcare. What will it take to get healthcare over the consumer hump?

That is the topic of this episode of the Oliver Wyman Health podcast. Listen to Oliver Wyman partners—and co-authors of the 2017 Consumer Survey of US Healthcare—Sam Glick and Helen Leis explore new consumer research, the barriers that prevent true consumer-centricity, and the bright spots and opportunities for organizations willing to stretch outside their comfort zone.

“We need to get inside consumers’ heads and start seeing the full, integrated, holistic view of each person,” Helen says. “It starts with deep understanding of consumer needs and emotions.”

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