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Video: 3 CEOs, 1 Age of Disruption, and a Conversation on the Way Forward

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"CEOs from @PresenceHealth @IBX @Livongo on how to find success in the future #healthcare market."

Amidst all of the uncertainty and disruption of today, three innovative leaders from the payer, provider, and digital health space share their thoughts on what it takes to lead – and succeed – in the future healthcare market. 

In this video, captured at the 2016 Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Summit, Michael Englehart, president and CEO of Presence Health, Dan Hilferty, president and CEO of Independence Health Group, and Glenn Tullman, chairman and CEO of Livongo, share expectations for future CEOs. 

"These iconic, well-branded organizations, unless we change, unless we embrace innovation, unless we figure out how to engage on a value-based way with the provider community, we're going to lose," says Hilferty. 

Watch the video below. 

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